For over 40 years, we have focused on providing you with quality, innovative and exclusive attachments for your equipment. Revolutionizing the business for many to follow by our patented ground preparation equipment exclusively owned and sold by DoMor Equipment. These exclusive, patented attachments were designed with you in mind, centered on the distinctive consumer of property owner and contractor. Looking towards the future, we continually search for expansion opportunities that incorporate new technologies into our attachment line to give you more ground preparation and attachment solutions.

Our aggregate spreaders are the only attachments on the market that allow you to precisely spread material at the incremental width and height your job requires. Our aggregate spreaders are designed to drastically reduce material separation and maintain proper water content while spreading material faster than any other method, resulting in less material waste and increased profits. From streets to roads or parking lots and airports, our aggregate spreaders give contractors a time and money saving solution to spreading base material and gravel.

The industry leading Dura-Graders were the industry’s first multi-blade grading attachment and are the only graders on the market that allow for blade angle and pitch adjustment. We manufacture both manually and hydraulically adjusted models that provide years of low maintenance use with outstanding results. These graders attach to all tractors, skid steers, SUV’s, or trucks.

If you find yourself faced with a tough project and no solution, we also do custom work for each particular need, whether it’s for a construction assignment or a personal project.